Mold Remediation

moldremeationsqAny amount of microbial growth (mold) presents a potential for health concern and should not be ignored.

JHCA is certified in Antimicrobial Remediation through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certificate (IICRC).   We are experienced and fully insured to safely and properly remove or remediate mold growth in your home or office.

It can be very unsettling when microbial growth has been discovered in a home or business.  JHCA is sensitive to such issues and strives to clearly communicate the remediation steps, patiently guiding the client through the process.  We want the home or business owner to feel 100% secure in knowing our process will fully remediate their microbial issue(s).

Steps to Remediation:

  1. Containment Chamber
  2. Resolution of moisture issue
  3. Removal of contaminated materials
  4. Restoration and Cleanup
  5. Reconstruction


1. Containment Chamber Process

The initial step to remediation is containment of the affected area.  Dependent on location, size and severity, JHCA will build a containment chamber preventing cross contamination.

2. Resolution of moisture issue

First, JHCA addresses the most significant issue at hand – the water or moisture causing growth.   This is where JHCA is unique in this industry – we have over 20 years building experience and are licensed as a Residential Contractor through the Town of Jackson.  Our structural knowledge is integral to the process as we go in a home, crawl space or attic to inspect.  We know structure and re-construction.

3. Removal of contaminated materials

After the moisture issue is secure, the contaminated materials must be removed.  If these materials are salvageable and not removable, JHCA uses Baking Soda Blasting, a safe, all-natural and earth friendly removal and restoration process.

Soda Blasting is a restorative process that utilizes baking soda and a high-powered air compressor.  Soda blasting will restore a structure to like new condition.  We have restored wood beams, floor joists, stone facades, cabinetry and furniture to brand new condition.

4. Restoration and Cleanup

JHCA will restore your home to its original state and better.  All baking soda is removed through our high powered vacuum system and compressed air.

When JHCA is involved, the home or business owner need not worry about their space being negatively impacted.  JHCA takes great pride in ensuring the least impactful, most caring and protective environment for your home, business, belongings and treasures, no matter the size or nature of job.

5. Third party testing

JHCA encourages residential or commercial owners to third party test the site after cleanup to ensure there is no remaining mold growth.  This is a cost incurred to the building owner, however it is a recommended step worth taking.

6. Reconstruction

As to complement JHCA’s healthy home services,  we are also licensed Residential Contractors. This brings an additional peace of mind with the home reconstruction process.  With years of building experience and structural knowledge be assured that JHCA will take care of your reconstruction needs in the most efficient and least impactful way.


Other sealants and anti-microbial applications

Often times, one method for remediation is the application of sealants or encapsulants. Encapsulants are materials that are applied in a liquid state to a surface, where they dry and form a barrier. This is a noted controversy in the abatement industry, as oftentimes, it is used incorrectly as a means to kill anti-microbial growth. However, it should be an additional means (a last step) to preventing the return of mold growth, not a means to kill it. “Source removal” should be the first means and that is why JHCA believes in Soda Blasting as the best method.

For more information on the ‘encapsulants controversy’, please read this article from the

Anti-microbial products (spray on) are also a choice for mitigation. In appropriate situations, it is a suitable application.