About Us


JHCA began with Gregg Otto’s vision of improving the indoor air quality of homes and businesses in the Jackson, Wyoming area in 2003.

Gregg moved to Jackson in 1990 to pursue dreams of skiing and exploring the mountains of Wyoming. He worked in the construction industry as a carpenter fine-tuning his start to finish home building skills. Over the last 20 plus years, working for a handful of fine home building contractors and starting his own company, VanGo Builders, he has completed high-end remodels and additions for Jackson homeowners.

This experience in the construction industry has given him the knowledge to inspect your entire home for maintenance and repair issues, while he performs furnace and air duct cleaning. Due to the nature of heating and cooling systems (HVAC), JHCA will often inhabit the entire home, living and crawl spaces alike, where unseen significant issues can arise.


Residential Contractors License

Gregg pursued a Residential Contractors License to complement JHCA’s healthy home services.  Though he has over 20 years of building experience, he felt a Contractors license would bring additional peace of mind with the home reconstruction process.

Rest assured, you can trust Gregg’s years of building experience and structural knowledge and know that JHCA will take care of your building needs in the most efficient and least impactful way.  JHCA is full service for all of your healthy home needs.