Robert and Cathy Wikoff Jackson, Wyoming
Gregg, we wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your duct cleaning service. You and your crew did a great job.We have significantly less dust in our home, that means less dusting, and we breathe cleaner air. One surprise was how much quieter our furnace operates. Thank you for being on time and finishing when you said you would. Our whole house seems a lot cleaner.
Jackson Hole Resort Lodging David Strickland
An area of concern that Gregg helps me out with is the dryer vent lines, helping to make sure they are free and clear of fire hazard, lint clogs, and hooked up properly. All in all, I find Jackson Hole Clean Air to be a very important company that provides a valuable service to my clients all the while being a very pleasant group to work with as well.
David Strickland Caretaker
I am the director of a caretaking company here in Wilson Wyoming, caring for many amazing and complex properties. One of the issues that I have had to deal with over the years are concerns of my clients with the condition of their furnaces, the cleanliness of their ductwork, how this can affect their allergy sensitivities as well as well as how it affects their ability to keep their home as clean as they want and need it to be. When this topic comes up, I always turn to Gregg Otto of Jackson Hole Clean Air to have the ductwork inspected and professionally cleaned. I have found Gregg and his company to be very reliable, consistent, and professional in their work creating results that I along with the client are very happy with. The investment that goes into such work is always worth the effort and appreciated by the homeowner and their guests.
Roxanne Factor Wilson, Wyoming
We were impressed with the professionalism of Jackson Hole Clean Air and were very pleased with the results.
Robert Lane Teton Village, Wyoming
Gregg and his team at JH Clean Air have saved the day for us several times at our condo. Somehow had found their way into our forced air ducts, but couldn’t find their way back out JH Clean Air was able to clean all the ductwork and get rid of the smell, and sealed off the easiest access for the unfortunate critters. Our dryer repairman recommended JH Clean Air to clean the dryer vent. After the cleaning our dryer worked twice as fast as before. I can easily recommend JH Clean Air for great, good natured, and efficient service.